About Shrewsbury Massachusetts

About Shrewsbury Massachusetts

Shrewsbury Massachusetts town center

About Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Shrewsbury Massachusetts is a town of contrasts. On the one hand, it is still very much a quaint town right out of a Rockwell painting, with the obligatory church steeple in a town common lined with magnificent federal colonial homes that date from the 1700's   It is a place where families have lived for generations, where every holiday is an excuse for a parade or celebration, and where I can't walk through the grocery store without bumping into countless people I know.  Then again, I've been involved in Shrewsbury Massachusetts Real Estate for over 25 years so I do know a lot of people.

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts is a town with tons of trees, lakes, parks and recreation areas, including Lake Quinsigamond with it's beaches, boating and sailing centers.  

At the same time, however, Shrewsbury is so much more.  It is a vibrant, elegant, and state-of-the-art Boston suburb of 35,000 people, with every convenience one could possible ask for.  Fine dining and shopping experiences are within minutes of town center, and whether your fancy leans to sushi bars or fun coffeehouses  Shrewsbury, Massachusetts has it all.  Naturally, high-speed internet is at your door, courtesy of the towns own electric and cable company - SELCO - which provides a host of amazing services.  Everyone I've sold a piece of Shrewsbury Massachusetts real estate to over the years has been incredible impressed with the level of services that the town provides.

One of the big reasons people choose to call Shrewsbury, Massachusetts their home, is the fantastic reputation of the Shrewsbury school system.    There are five main elementary schools, Paton, Coolidge, Spring and Floral which handle grades 1-4, and the Beal Early Childhood Center which takes in most of the kindergarten students.  From there, students will head to the brand new $40+ million Sherwood Middle School for grades 5 and 6, and then on to the renovated Oak Middle School for grades 7&8.   These students will be exposed to some of the finest teachers in the state, and an incredible investment in technology including a 1:1 iPad model being rolled out into the different grades starting with 4&5.    The Shrewsbury High School Campus looks just like some small colleges, with an amazing sports facility to go along with the wonderful library and science laboratory facility. With a flexible, yet rigorous curriculum Shrewsbury High School routinely graduates students who head off to attend some of the finest schools in the nation, from Harvard and Dartmouth to MIT and Columbia.   

In the Northeast, the value of a town often comes down to the simple issue of how easily one can commute to Boston, and from Shrewsbury that commute is easier than from most other communities in the Route 495 belt.  For those who choose to drive in, it's a straight shot on Route 9 and the Massachusetts Turnpike, and as you'll find after just a few days watching the traffic reports on the news, the commute from the west where Shrewsbury is located is almost always easier and faster than heading into the city from the north or south.  If you don't want to drive, have no fear.  The MBTA train station is just around the corner, and you can hop on a wifi enabled commuter rail which will take you right into Boston and safely back home again.  The ability to make that easy drive to Boston, or just as easily work and any of the huge corporations in Worcester or along the 495 belt, makes Shrewsbury one of the most appealing towns in Massachusetts, and that's just why the resale value has always been great.

To learn more about the town, you can start off with the Shrewsbury Lantern newspaper, available at www.shrewsbury.net which has tons of great information on all of the happenings in town.  For all of your Shrewsbury Massachusetts real estate, you can find it all right here.