Shrewsbury High School class of 1970

SHREWSBURY, Massachusetts – Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 13, 2012 at the
Italian American Club, Dewey Road, Shrewsbury from 7 PM to about 11 PM for a FREE social event for all Shrewsbury High School grads.


Shrewsbury High School Alumni Association’s President, Jude Donahue said, “Each year many of our Alum express a great desire to see friends from other SHS classes, while classes with limited budgets voiced that it would be nice to join with other classes to celebrate the anniversary of their graduation from Shrewsbury High School. With these thoughts in mind, we decided to host an event in October of each year to celebrate multiple class reunions and provide a location where all SHS grads can join again to share an evening.” Several grads who attended past socials remarked that they enjoy seeing classmates more often than every five years, the usual timing of most class reunions. The alumni social gives them a chance to meet alums from other classes as well.

Happy New Year to the Shrewsbury High School Alumni Association! The Alumni Association just celebrated their 19th year. The Association continues to help others by providing grants and scholarships to Shrewsbury High School students. To find out more about the Shrewsbury High School Alumni Association and how you can get involved in the organization, go to