Shrewsbury, Massachusetts – The Town of Shrewsbury’s plans to drill additional bedrock wells on the Prospect Park property have been met with some concern by various interest groups who have been volunteering for years in the care and maintenance of one of Shrewsbury’s last untouched parcel of land. From the towns standpoint, the location makes obvious sense, as there are already existing water tanks and infrastructure on site. By drilling in that area, they’ll be able to tap directly into that infrastructure and bring these new wells on line as soon as possible to help with the ongoing issues Shrewsbury has faced with water shortages.

Understandably, groups such as the friends of Prospect Park, led by Bill Davis, and the Shrewsbury Masonic Lodge, have had their concerns with such a proposal, especially as it may relate to fencing in large areas of the former Masonic Hospital, and the formal gardens that still remain on site. To their credit, the town has so far been excellent about bringing all interested groups to the table to discuss the matter and plan the project in a way that best appeals to the various constituents who have an interest in the park. These meetings will eventually result in a Master Plan for the site that can be used as a guideline moving forward.

Several exploratory meetings have been held so far, and the public is invited to the next meeting, which will include a presentation from Mr. Davis, will be held on September 25th at 6PM at Shrewsbury Town Hall in conference room B.