Shrewsbury MA Starter Homes

Shrewsbury MA Starter Homes

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Shrewsbury Massachusetts Starter Homes

One of the things that makes Shrewsbury the special town it is, is the availability of gorgeous starter homes that are just perfect for the first time home buyer, or even someone downsizing from a larger property.

As is the case with the luxury homes, it's hard to know where to draw the line.  After all, i've sold properties for 500K that the buyers viewed as so called "starter homes," but I don't think that's a realistic number for most people just entering the real estate market, so I set the line at 350K, and put together the following link for you.   Click here to view those homes


Naturally you can do a general search and set up your own unique criteria at the tab above, or just pull up the full Shrewsbury real estate list ordered by price by clicking HERE.

Of course the single most useful tool on my whole website in the "Daily Alert" system where you'll be able to hear about the hottest new listings, often long before the general public even knows that they're for sale.   You can do that with this link.