Shrewsbury Massachusetts Mid Range Homes

Shrewsbury Massachusetts Mid Range Homes

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Shrewsbury Massachusetts Mid-Range Homes

For the mid-range properties in Shrewsbury I created a list of all of the homes priced between 350k and 600k.  They range anywhere from the typical 3 bedrooms ranches, capes and splits, to the larger 4 bedroom colonials.

In terms of what you can expect to find at different price points, you'll see a nice 3BR split with 2-3 baths and a 2 car garage in the 350K range.   In the mid 400's you can easily find a nice colonial, 1800-2200sf.   Once you get into the 500's, now you can look at the newer homes in the 2800-3000sf range.   

Click this link for the full iist of mid-range homes.


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