Steve's Magic Moments

Steve's Magic Moments

Welcome to my "Magic Moments" page

Over the years...I've added to this page often..
Basically it just represents some very special times in my life.

Times when our family has had nothing but fun....and times when we were able to reach out  and try to help others...

Hope you enjoy. 

Named Foster Parents of the Year by the Governor - 2006

Jamie and I are honored  as Foster Parent Volunteers of the Year, for our work in caring for over 30 foster children in our home, and promoting the need for foster care throughout the community.

We received the award from Barry and Elliot Tatelman, founders of Jordan's Furniture
and huge supporters of Foster Care in our area.  They've given a fortune to benefit DSS and Foster care, and
have leveraged their celebrity to raise awareness of the huge need for volunteer foster parents. 
Harry Spence, DSS Commissioner, is the tall one!  (Harry was at our Maia Sharp concert in March and had a real blast.)

Jackson Browne plays the Fleet Harbor Pavilion in Boston.
Truly one of the most talented performers there is, and a true pioneer in using music to change the world.

We were granted the opportunity to meet and chat with Jackson after the show, and he is truly one
of the most genuine people you'll get to meet and along with Graham, David, James, Bonnie,  and others
have worked consistently for decades to raise funds and awareness to make our world a better place.
Along the Johnny Appleseed, they have sewn people like me in their path, and
inspired us to follow in their footsteps and help the community around us.

Any Crosby, Stills Nash and Young out there?? 

The Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young "Freedom of Speech - 06" tour.  Three shows - August 15th, 16th, and 27th
Bringing the message to the world that PEACE is the only answer.

What an amazing few days it was... I went on the 15th with my 9year old to see them in Mohegan Sun, and then with our friends Frank and Kris on the 16th at the Tweeter Center.   So much fun I just couldn't resist bringing the whole family down to New York City for the show on the 27th. (An interesting evening, since we were sitting next to Donald Trump, Tim Robbins, Salmun Rushdie, Patti Smith and Judy Collins)

After the show, our friend Graham was kind enough to let Jamie and I, and our two friends, hang out on his tour bus for a while and celebrate our 20th anniversary.   (A totally surreal experience, as you can imagine.)  Thanks again for another amazing night.    You're simply one of the nicest people out there.


The Massachusetts Children's Fund, started by my son Daniel and I, with our recent donation of 26,000 pounds of baby food to children at local shelters.

One of my other sons Sammy with his friends raised hundreds of pounds of supplies for our troops in Iraq. through the group he founded called Leaders of Tomorrow.

Crosby Stills and Nash at the Boston Pavilion - August 2008
Jesse, my mini CSN groupie, hanging out with the our friends after the show


Without a doubt, one of the coolest and most intimate concerts we've seen was the Carole king "Living Room Tour."  Truly one of the most brilliant musicians there has ever been...

Crosby and Nash - Mechanics Hall Worcester, and Bucknell Auditorium Hartford October 2007
What an amazing show in two spectacular venues.  The whole family came along and was mesmerized for hours..  Thanks, as always, to our musical friends for a fun, fun time after the show.  Special thanks to Graham for the song dedication.  It was the coolest thing ever..

January 2009 - Our Leader's of Tomorrow Group bake sale raised enough funds
to send children in Haiti, victims of Hurricane Gustav,  to school for one full year....


2008 REMAX Award Banquet - I received the RE/MAX Community Service Award, for my work with the Massachusetts Children's Fund, and that was the most important achievement of all.

Additionally, I was named #1 REMAX Agent in New England for the 9th straight year, and the The Top Agent in Massachusetts.

Lastly, I received the coveted REMAX "Circle of Legends" award, which remains the highest achievement in the REMAX International System.


January 2009 - Private Artist Confidential Taping with Graham Nash
at Sirius XM Studios in New York City. We were among 20 guests at
the event, and Jesse and I were among the only 5 allowed in the glass studio
during the taping of the session...which included 5 songs, and the interview itself.

We've reached new levels of cool experiences today :o)

The studio itself just after the taping.

11 year old Jesse, who's already been to over a dozen concerts... and his friend Graham


Concert experiences just don't get any more intimate than 5 people in a room
with their favorite rock legend...and one of the sweetest guys we know...


October 2008 - Hanging out on the field with the New England Patriots.

August 2008 - My son Sam's book Passages hits the book stores!

I'm such a proud daddy.   Order your copy today at

January 2009 - The youth Group that my son Sam and I founded  three years ago collected dozens
of new space heaters for families in desperate need of heat this winter.

Benefit concert for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Central Massachusetts
Featuring local artist Elana Arian, and Kauai native Allan Thomas.
We raised nearly $2000 that night to benefit programs for inner city children.


October 2006 - Nothing could be rarer than hanging with James Taylor.  (that was supposed to rhyme)
Truly Rock and Roll royalty....and a really cool guy.  Felt like being in my living room.

October 2008 - Crosby Nash at the State Theater in New Brunswick NJ.



Tom Campbell - One of the world pioneers in using music as a fund-raising tool.
We've known Tom for a few years now, and have really been inspired by him.
He was the brainchild of so many different back to the first M.U.S.E. efforts.

August 23, 2003 - Crosby Stills and Nash rock the Fleet Boston Pavilion.

What a special night with our favorite band.
Perfect weather....good friends...front row tickets.
Does it get any better?

Here's Jamie and I hanging out backstage with our friend Graham after the show.
He and his lovely wife Susan are just so incredibly genuine and have been so kind to us over the years.
Thanks Graham for inspiring us to work to change the world.  We hope to make you proud and do our part.

Below are two of our friends...chatting it up with Stephen Stills.


September 11th, 2006 - Our Candlelight Vigil draws hundreds of people to Dean Park to honor our brave soldiers

One of my boys started a club called the Leaders of Tomorrow, and their first project was a Candlelight Vigil, commemorating the 5th anniversary of 9/11.  While my middle son was on stage running the show,  our other two boys were captured by the Worcester T&G Photographer lighting each others candles...and that made it to the front page..

Having played guitar for many, many years I've always admired Bonnie Raitt
as the most amazing slide guitar player I've ever seen.  What this woman does is not to be believed.
Add to that the tremendous work she's done to make the world a better place, and top it off with the fact that
she's one of the sweetest and most kind people you'd ever want to meet..  Thanks Bonnie for a great show, and for taking so much time for us.

The young lady below is a brilliant musician, writing and performer named Maia Sharp.
This charming young lady has worked with the best of the best...from Carol King to Art Garfunkel to
Keb Mo, to writing the title track for the Dixie Chicks album that won the Grammy.  Run, don't walk, to her website
at and order every CD she's got.  You won't be disappointed.
This gal's going to own the world someday.

One of the proudest moments of my life....

March 11th, 2006.  Jamie and I produced our first charity concert, to benefit Camp to Belong ( ), a national non-profit camp that reunites Foster siblings who had been placed in separate foster homes.  We brought in three amazing acts for our show.  Kate Klim, the John Cate Band, and the incomparable Maia Sharp.   It was truly a magical evening that we'll never forget, and raised over $10,000 for reuniting siblings in foster care.

Me welcoming the audience...

We filled the place to capacity with 300 people, could have sold another 300 if we had room...

Maia Sharp and her dad Randy Sharp have an awesome father-daughter moment.

One of the highlights of the evening, Maia popped on stage with John Cate
to lay down an impromptu sax solo during Pine Box Walk. The crowd went wild!

As the crowd files out...we pause for a quick group photo before we load up the trucks.
From left - John Cate, Maia Sharp, Kate Klim, Jamie and me.

 One of my more professional moments....

Moving on to one of the "nicest" guys in rock and roll...
The guy on the left is a friend of mine named Jeff Pevar.
Not only one of the most brilliant guitar players of our generation, but way more known for being a
consummate nice guy.  He's played with everyone from CSN, Carly Simon, Rickie Lee Jones,
to Ray Charles, Kenny Loggins and Donald Fagen.   Here is is with another brilliant guitarist, Mr. Dean Parks. 

 Check out Jeff's amazing  website

photo credit: Rance Cadwell - photos below were linked from Jeff's website gallery not taken by me.

Here's Peev on stage with Graham during the recent CSN tour.
Check out that awesome Gibson 345. I believe it's a late 60's, band it just screams.

The math is simple   J.T. + J.P. = Awesome tunes + Nice Guys
Listen to James Taylor singing background vocals on Jeff's fabulous tune
(co-written with Graham Nash)  "Jesus of Rio" on the new Crosby Nash CD.

Hanging after a concert with our musical friend Kate Klim... Watch for her new CD.



Rising music star Kate Klim,  one of our artists from our concert for Foster Children, hanging out in my music room showing support for the cause...  You should really go to her website and buy her CD.  It's incredible.  She's going to be huge in the industry.

May 2006 - That's me on the left, testing out my new Taylor T5, hitting the stage with the John Cate Band at a recent gig.
That's Paul Cantilore on vocals and lead....and John's hand on the right...  doing great version of "Words" from Johns CD.

Grammy winner and good friends Maia Sharp and Darren Embry checking out the custom shirts we designed after their recent gig in Newburyport.


Off the stage and back to Charity work. This was the 2005 Thanksgiving Food Drive that we just finished! This was my 12th year.
We provided well over 10,000 lbs again this year - over 1000 meals in the hands of needy families in one night.

Above and below are the kids from Spring School loading just one of the many trucks!

The great kids below are from the Floral Street School Student Counsel.
They were a huge help in getting the word out, gathering donations, and loading trucks..

Christmas 2003 - The boys and I take a trip to Iceland!
One more thing on my "mid-life-crisis" list of things to do was to see the Northern Lights up close.
One of the best places to see them, is Iceland...and so off we went for a week of amazing night skies, the Aurora, and snowmobiling in a volcano crater on a glacier.  More photos... click HERE

Carla and Lissa from Rachel's Table presented me with the 2005 Hunger Hero Award for implementation of a monthly baby food drive which has been supplying hundreds of pounds of baby food to shelters in Worcester County, and for donations exceeding 50 tons of food and supplies for needy families throughout the last decade.


Speaking of music....
Here I am in my music room...
That's me on the Electric Guitar (my 1957 Triple pickup Les Paul Black Beauty)
 jamming with Frank at our annual New Years Day Brunch.
What a phenomenal day...surrounded by great food and friends...and wonderful tunes...


Somehow we managed to fit 150 people in our house.  It was unreal.

Eventually....some of the kids found their way to my "off limits" music room...which was a bit scary.
The collection keeps growing... Aside from the Piano and Drums, we've got a bunch of Fender Strat's, Les Paul's, the Variaxe up front in the picture, a Martin acoustic and a Taylor 810 and 955 12 string,  the new Taylor T5, a Gretch Bass, and a bunch of other goodies.


Hurricane Katrina Relief Drive

Few of us will forget the devastation we witnessed in news reports of this horrific tragedy.
To see one of the greatest cities in the US lying in ruins was something I'll never forget.

My plan was to gather donations of clothes, baby formula, and other relief supplies, and make my way to New Orleans in a rental truck.   4 sleepless days later, I had raised over 20,000lbs of supplies and arranged for two full size moving vans to haul the materials to the shelters in Baton Rouge.   As I write this...the truck is about to be loaded, and I'm just exhausted.  I couldn't have done it without the great volunteers we recruited.   The picture below is of ONE THIRD of the load, which we split up in the driveways of a few of our neighborhoods.   You can imagine the scope of what we accomplished.

Remember..."to the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world."

The first shipment is packed up onto moving van number 1, donated by Exhibit Express and Allied Van Lines.

The second shipment below was driven down courtesy of Budd Van Lines.   I can't thank enough all the many people who helped out with this project from beginning to end.  For a week, we lived with 50 people in and out of our home packing, sorting, hauling boxes.  It really made me realize just how wonderful our society can be.

Daniel and I in a Luxury Box at the Pats game... Very cool.
Now this is tailgating at it's finest

July 30, 2005.....yet another amazing Crosby Stills and Nash show at the Fleet Pavillion. 
I think that's probably show #40 or so.   As always, we had a hell of a time! 
Here we are with Graham again.  Pevar got cut off on the right - Oops
Photo by James Raymond, Crosby's son and a phenomenal keyboardist


It was oddly quiet backstage that night so  I got to actually hang out for a
few minutes with David Crosby without a lot of people around. It's so hectic back there
usually...but this night was just magical.... Thanks David for taking the time.


We had such a great time...but my eight year old was bummed that he missed the show....
so we actually headed down to Mohegan Sun a couple days later so I could bring Jesse to the show there.
Many thanks to my friend for getting us tix on 2 days notice.  Jesse was so was I.

My 10th annual Thanksgiving Food Drive - 2003
Each year for the last 10 years I have organized a massive food drive to provide Thanksgiving meals to thousands of local families.  Each schoolchild was asked to make up one "Thanksgiving Meal" and bring it into school with them.  We combined these bags with 1 full TON of turkeys which I donated, and then distributed to needy families throughout the region. Shown below are just 6 representatives of the Spring Street School Kids to Kids committee which helped me to organize the food collections at Spring St. School.  The Truck in the background was one of 10 Truckloads I was able to provide this year totaling over 10,000 lbs of food this year.

Shown below is my friend Helen, one of the organizers at the school, and representatives from Friendly House, a community shelter in Worcester.  We provided them with hundreds of meals.  Other recipients this year were Rachel's Table, which delivered the food to needy families throughout the area, and Abby's House, which is a shelter for battered women and children.

Me and my Dog Shayna....... Camping in Maine....

Talk about a "once in a lifetime" experience........

Game one of the World Series - Fenway Park - 10/23/2004
What an amazing night.... Something that hopefully my kids will be telling their kids...
A very cold night...but we won Game 1 with a score of 11-9 against St. Louis, in the highest
scoring game in World Series History.  



86 Years we've waited for this moment.....
We were up at 5AM to stake out our spot for the Victory Parade on the Boston "Duck Boats."


Millar and Martinez.....No Yankee fans on that boat!

Visiting the "enemy capital!"  Yankees or no Yankees I still love New York!!
As a native Jersey boy....Manhattan was always my true love.....


Trying to explain to my kids the significance of the building above was impossible. 
I told them it was the Dakota and all they wanted to do was joke about whether it was
North Dakota or South Dakota....
I just wanted to pause for a moment and reflect on where I was that fateful night in 1980
when I first heard the tragic news.  I was in my dorm room watching football...   
By midnight, hundreds of us were holding a candlelight vigil on the street in front of the College.
The memorial below is called "Strawberry Fields" and sits in Central Park, just
across the street from the Dakota on W72nd St.   Very surreal place to visit.

Christmas Vacation 2004
Off we went to Cancun Mexico. 
What a gorgeous place....

Before a storm hit and we had to return, we caught  a couple of 40lb Amberjacks....

Parasailing 500ft above the beach.   Scariest thing I've ever done in my life.
Glad I did it once...and got it out of my system.   Check off one other thing from my
"100 things to do before I die" list.  For more Cancun here.


July 2004 - our annual pilgrimage to the Crosby Stills and Nash show,
Fleet Harbor Pavilion.  Yet another outstanding show by my favorite band.

Didn't bring my Camera backstage for this one...  Figured we had enough of those photos by now. 

August 2004 ......Second Crosby, Stills and Nash show of the Summer....

Didn't get enough of them at the show two weeks ago...and they were playing the PNC Arts Center near my folks house so I figured why not bop down to New Jersey, and  take the kids to their very first Rock and Roll Concert.   A quick e-mail, and we had some great seats and passes and off we went to sunny New Jersey.   Of course...I didn't even see my folks while we were we had to zip right back to Massachusetts....but it was well worth the trip...and the kids had a ball going backstage after the show and meeting Mom and Dad's favorite rock and rollers.  So cool...



Homecoming day for or new puppy... Shayna - 9/15/02
She's an apricot dilute Chinese Sharpei and is the cuddliest  pile of wrinkles you could ever imagine.

Here she is at almost a year old.  As you can's a rough life being a dog in our house..... Here she passed out watching the ball game on TV....  Way too many beers :)

Annual REMAX Awards banquet 2005 at the Mohegan Sun...
One year on Atkins, and 60 pounds lighter!  What a difference.

Flanked by REMAX Regional Director Chuck Lemire (L) and Regional VP Jay Hummer (R) 
I was honored to accept the title of Top Selling Agent in New England.   I was also named one of the Top 100 Agents in the world by REMAX International, from a pool of over 100,000 agents. Next time someone tells you they're #1...ask them to show you the trophy! 


Me again with our local fire chief, and one of my past clients, Gerry LaFlamme. ...donating the computerized Safe House for the use in educating our school  kids on fire safety.  This amazing electronic device simulates house fires and teaches kids how to react in many different situations. Early education about fire safety is critical.   This will save children's lives, and I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to such a worthy cause.

Fund Raising for Dana Farber Cancer Center.

One of my favorite charities, the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber have truly made a difference in the lives of thousands of kids in our community.

Here I am with my favorite restaurateur Roger Berkowitz,  President of Legal Seafoods making a donation to the exchange for the word "L-E-G-A-L-S" off the front of the building.

Jackson Browne - Solo Tour 11/2003 - Fox Theater - Foxwoods

Probably one of the top concerts I've ever been to in my life.
For almost 3 hours, Jackson "hung out" alone in this little tiny theater, with a few guitars and a keyboard, basically just taking requests..and playing some real "deep cuts."   Just magic....


Back to Crosby, Stills,  Nash and Young......  Here's a shot from the CSNY tour  at the Fleet Center 4/2002.  


Not only incredible musicians, and cultural icons, but  very gracious, and amazingly unassuming.
Here I am am with David Crosby (above) and Jamie and I 
below with Graham Nash (below).    
(It's amazing to see just how heavy I was back then!)

The incomparable Keb Mo! If you haven't already heard of Keb you're missing something special!!  
He's as talented as he is modest.  
Go to and order every CD you can find. Especially "Peace, Back by Popular Demand"


Me and my youngest, making beautiful music together in our music room.
I think he's got what it takes!  Next...I'm teaching him guitar.
Note the treasured photo on the wall to the right, Cudos to anyone who knows who it is in the picture.

More great nights for you Crosby, Stills and Nash Fans.....
If you're not a CSN probably long since clicked away from this page.....

This was the Graham Nash - Songs for Survivors Solo Tour
Paradise Rock Club in Boston... 9/15/02

What a night... Graham rocked this teeny,  tiny club for hours...
Playing with an all-star cast of Jeff Pevar, James Raymond, and Russ Kunkle we all had a great time...2 feet from the stage, in a club that couldn't have held more than 150 people. Graham seemed to enjoy this more than any other show I've seen him play......

Graham  having an absolute ball!!


Jamie and I schmoozing with Graham 
Believe it or not...that was me about at my heaviest.. Seeing this photo was one of the inspirations for my getting started on the Atkins Diet...  I went from 220lbs to 149lbs in about 4 months...  What a difference...


A lousy picture of a fat me and Jeff Pevar at the Paradise.
Jamie couldn't get the flash to work and we lost our smiles....Trust me, we actually were having more fun than that. :o)
If I didn't like the guy so much I'd probably get rid of this picture altogether...
To see Jeff play  is to be in the presence of greatness. There will come a day when the world
talks of Jeff like they do Clapton.  Mark my words. Read more at

 Christmas 2003 - Here's one of the coolest presents we've ever gotten...
Looks much better now back from the framer.... I'll have to retake the photo...
One of my most treasured possessions.  It's a picture Graham took of Joni
inscribed with the lyrics to the song "Our House."



My favorite restaurant on the planet! 
Never have I seen a Deli willing to go head to head with a sandwich like this !!
The world renowned "Stage Deli" on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan.
As always, I had the Corned Beef and Pastrami Combo, and a Dr Browns Cream Soda.
Not just a dinner...but truly an adventure!

Billy Joel - Fleet Center Boston! What a wonderful show.
Truly one of my favorite performers, he puts on a tremendous show!



  Hey Billy - Smile for the camera!

Annual REMAX Awards banquet 2002 at the Mohegan Sun...
Here's a much slimmer me, after 3 weeks on the Atkins diet, (25lbs and counting...)
Flanked by REMAX Regional Director Chuck Lemire (L) and Regional VP Jay Hummer (R) 
I was honored to accept the title of Top Selling Agent in New England, Top Agent in Massachusetts, and the "Chairmans Club" Award...the highest level of achievement in the REMAX System.   I was also named one of the Top 20 Agents in the world by REMAX International, from a pool of 60,000 agents.


Crosby, Stills and Nash - Fleet Harbor Pavilion - October 2001

What a wonderful, wonderful show!!  
Warm night under the stars.....and always phenomenal tunes from CSN

Thanks again Graham for a wonderful night of music.... I had an awesome time!
Truly far more than just a musician....but a true gentleman who has never forgotten his fans.

Don Henley and The Eagles - The Fleet Center 07/02.
I can still remember the Hotel California tour...and this was even better.

The one and only Neil Young rocks the Tweeter Center. 07/02.
Hey... any excuse to see CSN, CSNY, CN, N, or of course Y, is OK by me!

Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay -07/02 - Awesome Pedro Martinez Game!

The Moody Blues - Wang Theater - 02/03
The very first concert I ever saw, was the Moodies back in 1977 
at Madison Square Garden. They're still amazing, and now, playing much smaller venues.

The Who - at the Tweeter Center 09/02
This was a repeat of the second concert I ever saw, also back in 1977 at The Garden.
Just as much fire and energy as ever, and an amazing show...with the Counting Crows as an opening act.

Disney - December '02.....   I'm off trying to get the listing on the castle....

August '02 - Jethro Tull Concert - Fleet Harbor Pavillion

Amazing to see that Jethro Tull is still rocking the house down after 30 years in the business.
I believe the first time I saw them was in the summer of 1977....   Makes me feel a tad old :o)
Here I am hanging out backstage with the incredibly talented founder and lead singer  Ian Anderson!  
Very nice guy, with a charming and gracious wife, and completely the opposite of his wild stage persona.

Thanks Ian for a wonderful evening under the stars! Special thanks to Kenny for the backstage passes as well.  We had a great time...  Just goes to never hurts to ask, and once you get to the right's easy.


Paul McCartney and his amazing band rock the Fleet Center.
I think the Boston Globe reviewer said it all when he spoke of his amazement 
at the ability of one man sitting on stage with an acoustic guitar to completely 
mesmerize 30,000 people into stunned silence. 

My third time seeing Paul, and it gets better each and every time....

  Sign this for me Paul.......



Thanksgiving '02.....  These are the wonderful members of the Spring Street School Kids-to-kids club, who  pulled together to help me raise food for the needy families in our region.....  (That's me in the back). In 2002, with the help of my friends in town, we raised 10,000 lbs of food for those in need...




Truly one of my most fun clients... 7 Time Olympic Gymnastics Champion Shannon Miller and her hubby Chris Phillips....

Shannon's not only the most decorated gymnast in US history...but also an absolute sweetie...

Just a pleasure working with these guys....



Dan Fogelberg... The Orpheum Theater - Boston.
Incredibly talented, and truly one of my favorite artists...
Sadly lost way too soon.


Hunting horseshoe crabs on cape cod.....

Memorial Day 2002 - Striped Bass fishing with an amazing crew of young fisherman.
Great day...followed by an awesome dinner of you know what....


The family at the scenic Yogi Bear Jellystone Campground in Sturbridge Mass.
Memorial Day Weekend 2001.

Apple picking in New Jersey with my folks, my sister, and some nieces and nephews.  
We used this trip to get my Grandma Bert out of the house, and cheer her up, as she was very ill at the time.   Pushing a wheelchair in an apple orchards wasn't an easy task...but it was nothing compared to her pushing us all in our baby carriages when we were kids...

Sadly, this would prove to be the last day I would see her.  One of the greatest people on earth, she passed away shortly after we came back home to Boston. Fortunately I had a feeling this might happen and I got to have a great long visit with her and  say goodbye.  She inspired so much in me....and I still miss her.... 


The Little Baseball parade April 2001... Me and Pikachu at it again!
This has been a tradition for many, many years in Shrewsbury.

Mount Washington - July 4th

The boys and I  on top of Mount Washington, New Hampshire. July 4th 2001.  It's really hard to tell from this photo, but I was still completely paralyzed with fear from having driven up, and dreading the thought of driving down.   I wouldn't do it again if there was a treasure chest on top with a million $$.   Next time...I'm taking the train up for sure!  By the way...July 4th, freezing cold and snow everywhere...hence the silly yellow sweatshirt!


Daniel and I horseback riding at Breton Woods New Hampshire on the same visit. 
The horses got to draw straws. Loser had to carry me :o)



Salmonfest 2001 - Our version of the "Iron Chef Competition."
We had a 30 pound Salmon flown in from Seattle, along with Dungeoness Crabs,
and Oysters.  The fish was split 4 ways and each Chef had to prepare a complete 
dinner for 16, with Salmon as the main ingredient.  I prepared  Salmon Stuffed with
Alaskan King Crab Stuffing, rolled in a Pastry Shell and served with Buerre Blanc sauce.
This was accompanied by Tri-Color Pasta in Oyster Sauce, and Steamed Oysters 
served with a Saffron Wine sauce. A wonderful meal...although my vote was for Jay's 
Salmon rolled in crushed Cashews and served with a Mango Salsa.


Pan-Asian cookfest - May 2002. The sequel to our Salmonfest, and becoming 
a regular event.  This was the Pan Asian theme with the following delightful treats, 
cooked by "4 men in a kitchen."   For appetizers, I prepared carmelized Leek and 
Shitake Mushroom spring rolls with 3 chile sauce, and Lobster Mango rolls with Citrus dip,
along with pork loin Satay's with Thai peanut sauce.  Jay and John contributed awesome
dishes as always, and the highlight was Jim's Chilean Sea Bass.  Another wonderful night
with great food and great friends.  

The Big Apple!  Hanging out in Times Square  


My favorite restaurant...Legal Seafoods....
......My favorite wifey in the world
        .......and my favorite meal... a 7 lb lobster!

By the way....don't believe the story that big lobsters are tough....they're like butter!!!


4th of July was spend in a suite at the Marriot Fallsview Motel
in Niagara Falls Canada.  This was taken out the window of our room.
What a gorgeous place...not to mention the occasional Cuban Cigar 

Below is the Gang and I on the "Maid of the Mist"

November 2001 - Each year for the past 7 years I have donated thousands 
of meals to the less fortunate at Thanksgiving.  This year the Spring Street 
Kids to Kids group helped organize a fund raiser among their friends which 
helped generate over 1000lbs of food !  With their help, we were able to 
provide over 3000 meals to needy families.

July 2001 - Took the gang to Cooperstown to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
What an amazing place to hang out.  Well worth the drive.

The REMAX Awards banquet - 2001
My amazing wife Jamie has been my support for 15 years.

This night, I accepted the award as the #1 REMAX Agent in New England
and the #10 REMAX Agent in the World out of over 50,000 top professionals.
Best of all, she was at my side for the whole thing! 


Bringing back memories....This was the awards banquet 2000, when I was named the 
number one agent in New England for the very first time.



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